Pictures above show one of our cars and wooded track area in the background, plus other shots of track and riders. We have 8 riders and 4 double riders to accommodate everyone. Our Cars are the J&J Amusement Indy cars with all the latest safety features and comforts currently available. The track is 1/3 mile long black top and well lit for night time thrills! Strict rules are enforced for behavior on the track, ensuring safety for all. Included in our safety program is highly trained personnel who have been supervising for years. Also, go-kart track has an emergency shut off system to bring all cars back in the pits at a safe reduced speed.

All children are checked for height and must meet the 54″ line to operate the cars alone. Children must be 52″ to operate the bumper cars, or 48″ to operate the bumper boats. We do have double riders for one adult driving and one child for all the above rides.